106 days
2652 miles
25 miles per day
July 1, 2018, 11:31 a.m.


I left a career as a software developer In the summer of 2018 to hike the PCT, a ~2600 trail from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington.


Partially to fulfill a life-long wish: I’ve wanted to do this for nearly 20 years. And partially – let’s be honest – this is a bit of a typical midlife crisis sort of thing. Hey, it’s safer than buying a motorcycle.

What are you carrying?

I’m glad you asked!

Can I hike with you? Bring you trail magic?

That would be really nice… but it probably won’t work out. I can’t promise to be anywhere at any specific time, nor to be able to hike any particular pace. That said, if you follow this site, and are familiar with the trail, you can probably figure out how to find me. If you do, I would be thrilled to see you. Bring cold drinks!

If you’d just like to send me a note, a tag or DM on Instagram is probably the thing I’m most likely to see.

How’d you build this site?

I built this site using Django, the web framework I helped create and maintain. The design is by Greg Newman. The code is available on Github, though it’s not open source. If you’d like to re-use this for your own hike, get in touch.